What constitutes a Portrait?

What constitutes a portrait?





Most of us would answer something to the effect that it is a rendition of a person that possibly makes a statement about them…

Wondering now, is or has there been a difference in how a painter has approached the subject?

How often in either case is there interaction between the subject and the artist.

If the subject does not look at the artist is it something else?

Does it always have to be a person? Just asking..


Home Decor



Framed prints can really set the mood in your home, loft or apartment. Making a strong or even a subtle statement tells any guest something about you they may not have known, very cool!

In my mind there should be fewer images and more wall space. Possibly framed maps that pertains to the area you live in or one that has some historical significance would also add to the overall ambience. The right touches will add warmth and make your home even more inviting.

Subject matter is whatever appeals to you and possibly not for a reason you can put your finger on. And creative and thoughtful frame choice is imperative. Along with this making sure your art is protected by using conservation glass and rag matting will insure the long lasting value of your treasure!