Home Decor



Framed prints can really set the mood in your home, loft or apartment. Making a strong or even a subtle statement tells any guest something about you they may not have known, very cool!

In my mind there should be fewer images and more wall space. Possibly framed maps that pertains to the area you live in or one that has some historical significance would also add to the overall ambience. The right touches will add warmth and make your home even more inviting.

Subject matter is whatever appeals to you and possibly not for a reason you can put your finger on. And creative and thoughtful frame choice is imperative. Along with this making sure your art is protected by using conservation glass and rag matting will insure the long lasting value of your treasure!



One thought on “Home Decor”

  1. I agree – framing a photograph gives it an elegant sense, almost respectful of the art it houses. I love framing photographs and art prints I collect on my travels, and am building up quite a gallery wall!

    Do you recommend having all the frames match, or using a variety of frame colors and styles? I’m always torn between having it look curated, and having it show personality.

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