Photography’s Future

A few more thoughts on “random shooters vs intentional”

Taking or making images has always been the mode we find ourselves in;

possibly not by intention. I beleive that this is the main course, the thing that may make us different from one another, the issue that causes us to be dissimilar from painters. Being said, none of us knows ahead what the end product In all the complexities my reveal.

Finally our art instituions, museums, galleries and most often art fairs are not only accepting but encouraging the blending of media so that the photograph can be more again, but photography can still be called by its name.

If I choose to incorporate other media, paintings, drawings etc. with my image will the common perception be to question or accept even subconsciencly and simply view the image?

The new director of photography at MOMA will be addressing this issue during his tenure. I beleive this will be the future. Film,digital, and or a mixture. The image itself will be paramont



Film Again

Daylight Shooter

Film has been growing in popularity again, and it has really taken hold with younger photo students. It's where we have come from and it's re-discovery is a natural transition back to our roots. Many professionals have returned or at least incorporated it into what they offer. It is definitely not suited to today's quick pace and deadlines but it has it's place. After all nothing else when it comes right down to looks or feels like film. Like watching a Hitchcock, it takes you somewhere else!

We can allow ourselves to be more methodical in our approach. When I slow down I see levels that I might have missed in my subjet. Either talking with them or just being still. If I choose to be silent it becomes a little uncomfortable for the sitter.Now I can gain the insight that breaks into another level, especially if I'm using a cable release.It will allow eye contact which is so critical.

Processing the film may cause us to actually finish the image and then begin to work on the results another day. Editing my frames is probably as important as anything. It will take me back to the second of exposure; to the feelings I had just then. I've also noticed when I look back on exposed film especially years later I will choose a different frame and discover something I was not conscience then..

This is the process and how it works for me.


Photoshop is left for Bankers and other corporate types today, but what about celebrities. People are beginning to want to have a look at their idols and see them as they really are, un-retouched.

Major magazines are being more true to our past efforts of photography and photojournalism. Look closely next time you pick up a non fashion mag.

So what’s really up with all this. Is it more honest to show someone poorly lite and raw or not retouched just to prove that the media has gone too far?

I believe there are many reasons to be investigated


What intrerests me is the story behind the picture “

” When all is said and done, reality is stronger than our wishes “

“Know what is within your sight and what is hidden from you will

Be revealed”

” What we find, we ourselves never knew- it came as a shock, it

Came as a surprise. It was new. We could never have known what

we were going to do before it happened. In that sence, we discover. “

These statements are from Emmet Gowin, Fredick Sommer and the

Apostle Thomas, loosely. They offer thoughts on our approach. No

matter what our subject is, whether we make photographs or simply take

them. Whether we are deliberate or random in our efforts. Photography

has always been technical, though less so now it may seem. The heart,

mind and eye have never been.


Homeless Outreach

Clara's House of Love

Ten years ago Joan Readfern and her husband began to feed homeless people in their own home. They had no money to speak of, they just trusted God to provide. They would serve a meal three times a week to strangers and friends as well. There was always food , sometimes just enough, but it was always there. Six years ago after meeting her just after her husband died, I was invited to a Wednesday afternoon meeting. I arrived to find a kitchen with volunteers crowded into a tiny area preparing plates,pouring drinks, scrubbing pots…

There were almost two hundred people in her backyard waiting!

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